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International Work Finder

We perfectly understand the needs of the Romanian labor market and we offer you personalized and fast solutions. We guarantee for a simplified Asian recruitment process, transparency and adaptation to the needs of your company.

Who we are

We've been trained as a team of specialists in the field of Asian staff recruitment many years ago, while providing related services related to obtaining the necessary documentation for employment, supporting people for post-employment integration, mediating situations and discussions between companies and institutions. from the country of origin of the employees and not only.

We like things well done and hence the desire to offer complete services. If you need to obtain professional certificates, legislative advice for immigration outside the EU and labor law or the relocation of Asian workers outside Romania, we are here for you.

We connect people of various nationalities such as Filipinos, Nepalese, Vietnamese, with Romanian companies that need a consistent, serious and relatively cheap manpower.

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Why would you want to work with us? Because we are…

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We've started among the first, have tested, and improved. We have more than 5 years of recruitment from Asia and we know how and where to bring you the most suitable workers.


We have developed our own external recruitment agency.


We offer answers to all your questions and keep you up to date throughout the recruitment process.


Since we started, we have recruited and placed over 5000 workers for Romania.

Trusted partners

We have developed serious and quality partnerships with both current clients and external partner agencies


We have the largest team, the Honorary Consul of Nepal is part of our team, we are at the point where we can negotiate any offer.

Our team

Mariu Stefanescu - Managing Partner

Marius Ștefănescu - CEO

PAUL POP - Managing Partner

Paul Pop - CEO

MELANIA POP Business Developer

Melania Pop - Business Development Manager

NAWA RAJ POKHAREL - Public Affairs Consultant

Nawa Raj Pokharel - Public Affairs Consultant

Adriana Behtold - Telesales Agent


Alexandra Tudorica - Sales Manager

ANDREAE CHITU - Sales Manager

Andreea Chițu - Sales Manager

ANDREAE RISTEA - Recruitment Specialist

Andreea Ristea - Recruitment Specialist

Bălan Alexandru - Telesales Agent

Bălan Alexandru - Telesales Agent

Catalin Constantinescu - Immigration Specialist

Cătălin Constantinescu - Immigration Specialist

Dan Ungureanu - Sales Manager

Dan Ungureanu - Sales Manager


Eduard Ghigheci - Immigration Specialist

Elena Cucu Immigration Specialist

Elena Cucu - Immigration Specialist

FRANCESCA SIMIONESCU PR & Communication Manager

Francesca Simionescu - PR & Communication Manager

INGRID KADAR Recruitment Specialist

Ingrid Kadar - Recruitment Specialist

Ionuț Florescu - Telesales Agent

Larisa Rosca - HR

Larisa Rosca - Human Resources

Laurentiu Anton - Sales Manager

Laurentiu Anton - Sales Manager

LAVINIA CREȚU Assistant Commercial Director

Lavinia Cretu - Assistant Manager

Liliana Florescu - Recruitment Specialist

Liliana Florescu - Recruitment Specialist


Luiza Constantinescu - Legal Advisor

LUMINITA MINESCU Telesales Manager

Luminița Minescu - Telesales Manager

Maria Mircea - Financial Analyst

Maria Mircea - Financial Analyst

LAURA OPREA Immigration Specialist

Oprea Laura - Immigration Specialist

ȘTEFAN PANȚURU - Operation Manager

Ștefan Panțuru - COO

Tanade Olivia - Telesales Agent

Tanase Olivia - Telesales Agent

VIOLETA DĂLAE Junior Sales Manager

Violeta Dalae - Junior Sales Manager

We keep you posted! We send you news to help you recruit easily!