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When you need new employees in your company, one of the most important aspects to consider is salary. It is essential to know what the current minimum salary is, because depending on it, you can make the right decision regarding the salary for the position offered in your company. There are usually other criteria you can consider, such as the candidates' professional training and the level of experience you need, but it's also essential to know what the minimum salary threshold is.

Therefore, in the following article, you will discover some essential information about the salaries offered to foreign employees in 2022, but also what you need to consider when determining the salary of the future employee.


1. The minimum wage for foreign workers in 2022: essential information

In recent years, employers are facing a difficult situation, namely the lack of labor. Despite the restrictions imposed during the pandemic, Romanian workers continued to emigrate, so that currently, throughout the country, employers cannot find enough qualified or unqualified people. That is why, in order to deal with this crisis, for 2022, the authorities have allowed the doubling of the number of foreign workers with the right to work in Romania. This is good news for your business, as you have the opportunity to find the right employee, even if there are fewer and fewer of them locally.

In general, the gross minimum wage for Asian workers is the same as the gross minimum wage offered to Romanian workers. On January 1, 2022, this type of salary was increased to 2550 lei. However, it is true that there may be additional expenses related to obtaining work permits and providing transportation, accommodation and meals!


Because the recruitment process is complex, the recruitment agency offers you the necessary support through legal advice, the preparation of immigration formalities and throughout the mediation process. In addition, the agency offers you  related services to make the integration of Asian workers as easy and fast as possible. Thus, you conclude a lasting partnership, through which you save time and money, and at the same time you find the workforce you need!

Also, don't forget that many aspects of salary are determined by the legislation in force.

For example, in this sense, according to GEO 43 of 12.06.2019, until 2028, a company in the construction industry must ensure a minimum salary of 3000 lei gross for both Romanian and foreign employees.


When the wage is accepted by both the employee and the employer, then the remaining aspects become easier to manage, because you know that you have found the right candidate. From the moment they arrive in Romania, the Asian employees, recognized in the world for their seriousness and dedication, will help you develop your business and become a well-known entrepreneur in your industry!

2. Minimum wage for foreign workers: details for a clear perspective

collective bargaining agreement for Asian workers

Asian workforce it can become the solution to the problems you are experiencing due to the lack of labor. However, when determining the salary level, it is essential to take into account several important elements:

  • what experience does the candidate have;
  • what is the level of professional training of the candidate;
  • what is the degree of specialization of the job you offer.


However, performance evaluation it is something to be aware of during the recruitment process. Even if the future employees are far away, through a filmed work test you can track how prepared the candidate is, but also whether he will need additional training to carry out his work in Romania. Thus, you can create a clearer picture of possible additional costs and you will be able to set a realistic threshold regarding the value of the minimum wage!

In conclusion, it is good that the minimum wage for foreign workers is established even before meeting the candidates, so that you always have reference margins when you want to analyze your options. Foreign workers represent a effective solution for staff shortages present in Romania, that's why a more realistic salary offers everyone advantages: the employees will be satisfied and grateful, so they will carry out their work carefully, while you will be satisfied with the results achieved!

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