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You would surely have heard about the IT industry by now. Maybe you are an entrepreneur who wants to start such a company or you are looking for tips to make it much more profitable.

1. IT industry - what does it mean?

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Information Technology (IT) or Information Technology in Romanian is an extremely complex industry based on the use of computers to store, create, retrieve, process and exchange a variety of valuable information and data. Basically, IT is part of "information and communication technology", in short (ICT). Information Technology is specially designed for business and responds to a great need in the international market. 

Computer systems of this kind have always existed, but not at this advanced level. These systems are inter-informational, that is, they transmit data to each other and are controlled by specialists in the field. 


Humans have been used to gathering information and manipulating it since writing was invented. However, one could not talk about technology then, because this term appeared only in the XNUMXth century and was invented by Thomas L. Whisler and Harold J. Leavitt. There were only words of praise about the IT industry, because it was the basis of the development of people's lives, especially in the last decades. Information technology can be considered a defined branch of computer science, because it is based on the processing of data, regardless of their nature. 

Today, the term is used for both computers and networks, as well as information-sharing technologies such as smartphones and televisions. Services or products such as computer hardware, internet, telecommunications and other electronics are considered as components of the same industry. 


It is obvious to everyone that this branch has become more and more popular. Lots of young people are looking for jobs in the IT industry for various reasons. Probably the most important of them is the rather high salaries compared to the average in Romania. However, many people believe that such a job does not let you get bored. That is why information technology courses have become popular even in preschool education.

An extremely beneficial thing for both the employee and the employer is that the IT industry is tax exempt. However, keep in mind that there are certain rules that a developer and company must meet in order for this to be possible. 


First of all, to be exempt from income tax as a programmer you must work in a position that deals with the creation of computer programs. Only this title is provided by law as eligible for non-payment of taxes. Not everything related to the IT field benefits from these advantages. Also, the employee must have a high school diploma issued by an accredited university. Another criterion consists in carrying out a research and development activity. 

Second, in order for a company to enjoy such exemptions, it must also have an activity that includes the creation of programs. This goal does not have to be the main one, but only something secondary, as long as it is legal.

2. The IT industry in Romania - jobs

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In Romania, the IT industry is always looking for staff, and every year the faculties hire many competent young people to work in this field. The information technology sector has three major groups:

  • software and services;
  • hardware and technological equipment;
  • semiconductor and semiconductor equipment;


Of course, the above are also divided into sub-industries, because it is necessary for each company to have a very well-defined activity in order for it to become profitable. Upon closer examination, you can quickly realize that any business has an IT team behind it, be it internal or external. It takes care of deploying applications, maintaining them, monitoring and optimizing them and overseeing the security of services. 


Also, each person in a team has certain responsibilities. Among the most popular are:

  • management – employees consider the daily monitoring of applications, their implementation, but also the operation of systems and networks. They also deal with software updates, security or correct data management. 
  • support – this job is most common among young people, because it is a position that almost anyone can occupy at the beginning of their career. Employees handle customer tickets/complaints and respond to customer requests and needs. This process also helps gather information and direct troubleshooting efforts for hardware and software.
  • applications – any business relies on software to function. This can be in-house, done by their IT people, or externally, obtained from a third-party source. Today more and more businesses are building their own skilled team to create applications and interfaces.
  • security – each company must monitor the data obtained and secure it, to ensure that such resources are used in accordance with business policy. The IT staff involved in this are tasked with interacting with, but not limited to, legal teams to detect, report and prevent security breaches.

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The IT industry in Romania enjoys a large number of Romanian employees, but companies are not limited to turning to foreign personnel or staff leasing when they need it. Foreign employees in the private sector are quite numerous. According to a study, there are now officially 84.936 thousand, a number that has doubled from one year to the next. 

Because there is more and more talk about the shortage on the global labor market, employers are turning to companies specialized in recruitment of Asian staff, to find employment. Of course, programmers are not the first choice, but the IT field is very varied, and such qualified people will immediately find a related job. 


A recent study shows that Romania has the most foreign employees in Turkey working in construction, trade and industry. In second place are the Republic of Moldova and Nepal. Apparently, Nepalese are sought by Romanian employers for HoReCa, transport and manufacturing industries. HoReCa is one of the most popular areas of work with Asian staff, especially in Romania. 

Asian workers have also become increasingly beloved by our employers. Most of them work in construction, construction sites, manufacturing, trade and HoReCa. One amazing thing about Romania is that it managed to attract about 3.100 residents of other countries into the IT&C industry. Now the country enjoys the expertise of programmers from France, Portugal, the Republic of Moldova, Poland, Greece, Germany and beyond.


For young people all over the world, the Information Technology industry has become more and more attractive. Becoming a programmer sounds great and it's a job you can pick up pretty quickly, especially if you have a passion for it and are willing to work as hard as you can. 

Moreover, the average salary in the IT industry is very motivating. In Romania in recent years, the net salary of programmers has increased from month to month. For example, an employee of a company in this field can earn up to 9094 lei. In addition, young graduates cannot complain about low salaries either. Even those who do not have a degree certifying their specialization in this industry can practice without problems. The condition is to be a very good employee and maintain your position. With so many young people catching up, keeping your job is a competition. 

3. IT – the ever growing industry – its importance

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Information technology i.e. this IT industry is everywhere. Any company based on information technology cannot develop or be successful without programmers, regardless of whether we are talking about corporate, non-profit or government organizations. 

Thus, when it comes to this area, you have to think about all organizations that work with information technology systems. The industry is constantly developing, because it always brings out new positions and employment opportunities. For example, in a team you find employees who keep systems safe, make sure they work at optimal parameters, others enter data, others manage it, programmers make programs and so on. 


Also, everything related to the Internet is also part of the IT field. Here the programmer feels at home. This type of technology has become a normality in the lives of all people. Even if the evolution was very sudden and many people are still trying to adapt to it, it is impossible to live without it. In addition to the vast Internet, the information technology industry makes its presence felt in other areas as well.

It's very important to stay up to date with the most sought-after IT jobs, whether you're a job seeker or an employer. Here are some of them:


SQL Developer – this job is increasingly sought after on the Romanian market. Developers help companies implement different digitization strategies, a trend that has developed the most in recent years. To have such a job, you need to know how to create a database, how to develop it and how to maintain it. 

Full-Stack Developer – probably one of the most complex jobs, because you have to know well both the front end and the back end. Basically, such a person develops the "front" of some sites/applications, but also what is "behind" them, makes sure they are optimized, creates databases and much more. 

Data analyst – if you are the type of person who is very tidy and likes to have everything in its place, this job is for you. Data Analyst collects, processes and analyzes a company's data. These are very important because they are the basis of business development. 

Java developer – one of the most enjoyable jobs programmers have. You deal with the design of applications and their development. Java is the most widely used programming language and is very popular. 

Software Developer – probably one of the most important jobs, because one of the responsibilities is to develop programs and operating systems that people use every day.


So, the IT industry is constantly developing, and Romania needs qualified people to fulfill different responsibilities. Jobs are very varied, so they meet many needs that both employers and clients have!


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