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Staff Leasing

Do you need a tractor driver, welder or bricklayer for just a few months? Perfect. We provide you with qualified and unqualified Asian staff who will successfully join the existing team.

What does Staff Leasing mean?

Staff leasing is a service often found in Western European countries and present on the Romanian market among large employers in the fields of production, retail, automotive.

The Staff Leasing solution is great if you need staff for a limited period of time or when you want to benefit from workers, but transfer all the responsibility and risks associated with an employment contract to the leasing company.

Staff Leasing - Advantages

Low Costs for Staff Leasing

The company does not hire staff, so it does not have to pay taxes and duties related to an employment contract. All it has to be paid is the contract with the recruitment agency.

No worries for you

When the project is complete, transfer all the responsibilities and formalities required in the case of an employment contract (notice, leave, unemployment, bonuses, etc.) to the staff leasing company.

You save time by leasing staff

Staff turnover is a growing phenomenon in Romania, and companies are investing a lot of time and resources in recruiting employees. With the staff leasing solution, you avoid all these problems.

You complete projects faster

You can hire staff for a limited period of time, exactly as long as you need to complete your tasks.

Personnel leasing - Clients who have used our services

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Personnel leasing - Frequently asked questions

Are you personally recruiting for a particular field?

We recruit Asian workers for all industries. The staff leasing offer for your industry is conditioned by the workers we have available at the moment or the need to recruit new ones.

What are the salary expectations of an Asian worker?

The salaries of workers from Asia differ according to their qualifications and experience. In general, their expectations are between $ 500 - $ 700 / month, or more for those who are very well trained.

I've heard that some Asians are unreliable.

It depends on the recruiting agency and the country you are recruiting from. There can be many factors that influence the quality of the workers brought to the country. We have over 4 thousand workers recruited and brought to Romania in 4 years. We used the best recruitment filters, serious agencies and now our own recruitment agency in Asia.

Why would I turn to Asian staff leasing?

Asian workers are flexible, learn fast, are steady, open to extended working hours, and have less demanding expectations. On the other hand, it is much faster and less complicated for your business.

How will we get along with the Asian workers?

Asian workers are fluent in English and learn Romanian very quickly, especially if they are offered courses and are required to learn. We generally recruit workers with at least 2 years of international experience. Many have previously worked in Saudi Arabia and had to learn other languages. In the most unfortunate case, we provide assistance with the installation of mobile applications that allow simultaneous translation.

What if they leave?

There is indeed a small percentage of workers fleeing or changing employers, using the right to work only to emigrate to the EU. To avoid such situations, whether you are hiring or leasing Asian workers, the recruitment process is done by a specialist from the Asian Collaborating Agency, which asks them a few questions that show what motivates them to come to work in Romania. Doubtful workers cannot go unnoticed. If replacement is required for various reasons, the agency offers free replacement of the worker during the test period (3 months) / warranty (6 months). The replacement warranty is activated as follows:

  • In case of leaving the job by resignation or disappearance
  • In case of legal issues of the worker
  • In case of professional misconduct, as long as the recruitment was done by the International Work Finder.