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Manpower from India

India's labor force - an alternative for many businesses facing staff shortages.

International Work Finder provides you with Indian workers with proven experience in most fields.

Indian Construction Workers

We recommend the Indian manpower for the field construction because Indian workers have niche schools for this field. We have met very well-trained people in our recruitment campaigns, who meet the most demanding requirements. We can recruit Indian staff as: masons, carpenters, concrete blacksmiths, welders, engineers, machine operators, finishers, plumbers, electricians, asphalt pavers, unskilled workers.

Indian manpower for Production or Automotive Sector

Indian manpower recruitment in manufacturing or the automotive sector has become an important option for our team. Accustomed to working in various factories and performing repetitive tasks, they will make the necessary effort to integrate into the new job. Moreover, many of them have experience in machine tools or machines with numerical control.

Ask for Indian workers for your business

Manpower from India for Agriculture

We recommend that you hire staff from India and for Agriculturetoo. Whether you want workers from India for husbandry or agricultural work, we can recruit both skilled and unskilled staff for you.

Manpower from India for HoReCa

Recruitment of Indian staff for HoReCa it can be a solution to the manpower crisis you are facing. Experienced English speakers with international experience, Indian workers will assist you in activities in hotels, restaurants and cafes.

Indian staff for Horeca - International Work Finder

Why manpower from India?

Indian workers have a well-developed training system
Indian workers speak English very well
Indian workers can even take on responsibilities that require higher qualifications
Many have had international experience and adapt easily
You enjoy increased productivity
Indian staff are well suited to both physical exertion and work in more special conditions.

The Indian workforce can join your employees in any field:

Recruitment of Asian construction personnel
Workers, dedicated and responsible
Recruitment of Asian staff in HoReCa
Trained, smiling and skilled
Recruitment of Asian personnel in agriculture
They have experience, they are productive and serious
Recruitment of Asian staff in production
Meticulous, hardworking, determined
Recruitment of Asian staff in cleaning
Attentive to detail, dedicated, loyal
Recruitment of Asian staff in FMCG
Responsible, trustworthy, hardworking
Recruitment of Asian staff in SPA
Relevant experience, seriousness, impeccable service
Recruitment of Asian staff in assistance
Empathetic, caring, attentive to the needs of the person being cared for
Recruitment of Asian staff in the automotive sector
Qualified, experienced, willing to extend the program
Recruitment of Asian staff in retraining
Resistant, loyal, responsible
Recruitment of Asian staff in a niche field
Punctual, serious, determined
Asian nanny recruitment
Reliable, pleasant, loyal people