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Asia workers

Whatever your business needs, we are here to help you with your personal Asia recruitment.

"I'm looking for a babysitter… I'm looking for welders… I'm looking for a bricklayer…" How many times have weheard that? Either you need workers from Nepal, for construction, chefs from Sri Lanka,  tractor drivers from Vietnam or Filipino babysitters, turn to International Work Finder. Here are some of the areas we are recruiting for in Asia.

Recruitment of Asian Construction Staff

The field of construction is very vast, and the manpower is always welcome. We recruit Asian construction staff from various countries. Either Nepali workersor qualified Vietnamese staff, Asian construction staff is a good investment for Romanian companies.

Maybe you want Asian masons or blacksmiths. Asian welders or unskilled manpower. Our agency recruits what you need. And based on live or recorded work samples, select exactly what works for you. And we bring them to you.

Personally recruits Asia Constructions

HoReCa Asia staff recruitment

Many Romanian businesses have turned to us in recent years for: Asian chef, assistant chef, Asian bartenders or Asian waiters. Maybe you have a restaurant that still needs staff. Or do you want to expand into Asian cuisine? Here are some reasons and filmed examples (see videos) that are worth working with International Work Finder.

Asian HoReCa workers are graduates of specific vocational schools and have experience in the field. Whether you need Asian chefs, Asian bartenders or Asian waiters, their selection is based on working tests, and an additional requirement is to have previous experience and knowledge of English.

Recruit Asian HoReCa staff

Recruitment of Asian staff in Agriculture

Nepal's economy is 80% based on agriculture. Other Asian countries rely on animal husbandry. That's why it won't be difficult to recruit Asian pickers, Asian tractor drivers or workers in husbandry for you. A client of ours from Brașov needed agricultural workers from Asia to landscape green spaces - see video.

Asian agricultural workers have extensive experience in the field, being diligent and accustomed to field work. Thus, Asian pickers or animal caregivers from Asia are a good resource for your agricultural business.

Recruit Asian staff in agriculture

Asia Production staff recruitment

Many Romanian businesses have chosen Asian workers for their factories. We are glad to see that their business continues and thrives because they have recruited with our help either CNC operators or tailors from India, either machine tool operators or unskilled workers. See some of the work samples or experiences of employers with Asian production staff in the videos below.

Asian factory workers in Romania are suitable for many of the requirements of employers: they are hardworking and come for at least 2 years. He adapts quickly to the culture and learns the Romanian language. And it lends itself easily to repetitive tasks that require patience and skill.

Recruits Asian production staff

Asians Staff recruitment for Cleaning / Housekeeping

If you need Asian cleaning staff for the hotel or commercial field, International Work Finder comes with concrete solutions and support in selecting the best people. Or maybe you have a housekeeping or cleaning business. Turn to the Asian workers we recruit.

Modest in nature, hardworking and attentive to detail, Nepalese cleaning staff or Tagalog they will raise the standards of cleanliness in any hotel or office building.

Recruit Asian cleaning / housekeeping staff

Asia FMCG staff recruitment

The FMCG Asia staff fits perfectly with the demanding requirements of Romanian companies. FMCG cargo handlers or other Asian FMCG manpower stand out for their seriousness, skills and willingness to work. They are also attentive to detail and capable of repetitive tasks.

Thus, from cargo handlers to warehouse operators, Asian workers are the right choice for development and stability in the FMCG industry.

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Asia SPA staff recruitment

The field of SPAs has developed a lot in our country in recent years. Those who use the services of a SPA want to have authentic experiences and, in order to be able to meet the desired standards, those who have such services can opt for Asian staff, who will put at the service of customers the expertise gained in the country. origin. Call with confidence for Asia masseuses or Asia SPA staff.

In this regard, we recommend staff recruited from Philippines, Vietnam, or Sri Lanka.

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Personnel recruitment in assistance / care - International Work Finder

Recruitment of Asian staff in Assistance / Care

Unlike other areas, that of social assistance and care for the sick or elderly and children, it is a very delicate one. That's why Filipino babysitters and Asian nurses generally show empathy, patience, and good professional training.

Our Asian staffing agency ensures that it finds those people who do their job with pleasure and determination, while understanding the needs of the person for whom they become responsible.

Recruit support / care staff

Recruitment of Asian staff in the Automotive Sector

Are you looking for Asian staff for the automotive industry? Are you looking for Asian drivers or car mechanics from Asia? Our Asian Staff Recruitment Agency provides a generous list of candidates, skilled or unskilled workers from Sri Lanka, Vietnam, India, the Philippines, or Nepal.

Because we are careful in the selection, we interviewed and tested many Asian workers for the automotive sector. Although they have qualifications and experience in their home countries, many want to showcase their experience in Romania as car mechanics, painters, tinsmiths. See the videos below.

Recruit Asian staff in the automotive sector

Asian Staff for Recycling

Recycling is an area that has begun to take shape in our country and hence the need to have employees dedicated to this sector. Fortunately, there are many who want to come to Romania as workers for recycling factories or as unskilled workers for sorting waste. See the experiences of those already working in recycling.

Nepalese workers or Vietnam, they are a suitable option, being trained for the tasks assigned to them regarding waste management, sorting and recycling. They are also diligent, willing to work overtime if necessary or under condition of prolonged physical exertion.

Recruit Asian recycling staff

Recruitment of Asian staff in a niche field

The labor market in Romania is constantly developing and, therefore, the need for a dynamic and dedicated workforce is felt. This aspect is also driven by the exodus of Romanians to other countries. One solution to this problem is the employment of Asian workers from countries such as Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Nepal, India and the Philippines.

They can be unskilled workers but eager to learn a profession, but also people who have relevant experience and professional training in various fields such as: Horeca, agriculture, construction, automotive, SPAs, assistance, personal care and more. If the company wants to hire Asian staff for any other field, International Work Finder provides each client with the experience gained so far.

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Nepal Staff Recruitment - Production

Asian nanny recruitment

How many times do we not hear the expression "I'm looking for a nanny"? Whether we're talking about Filipino babysitters or Nepalese nannies, they become the perfect solution for any family that needs help raising or caring for children. We have pleasant experiences both in the recruitment process - which is very serious and important for us - and in the placement process of these Asian nannies.

Childcare is an area that needs lots of attention. The person hired to take care of the children must display certain qualities that qualify them for the position of babysitter. She must be open to working with the little ones, speak English or want to learn native language to simplify communication but, above all, she must be dedicated and patient. Check out some of the interviews with Asian babysitters we've recruited.

Recruit Asian babysitters

Asia Workers - countries of which we recruit from

Personnel recruitment Asia - Nepal
Stable, cooperating and hardworking
Personnel recruitment Asia - Sri Lanka
Meticulous, attentive to detail, learns quickly.
Personnel recruitment Asia - Philippines
Serious, loyal and responsible
Asia staff recruitment - India
Adaptable, hardworking, dedicated
Asia staff recruitment - Vietnam
Friends, smiles and respect for work

Frequently asked questions

How do Asian workers adapt to Romanian culture?

We generally recruit workers who have at least 2 years of international experience, have worked in Saudi Arabia or the Emirates, are familiar with the international context (multiple nationalities, language, culture, other food). Moreover, in Asia, before leaving, workers are given adaptation training in Romania / industry where they will work and once they arrive in Romania, the Consul of Nepal, who is also our colleague, offers cultural integration courses to workers where all situations that may arise when working with Asian workers are addressed.

What if they can't handle it?

We only recruit Asian workers who have worked in related industries before; we inform the candidates about the activity they will carry out in Romania, the schedule, and all the other necessary aspects. We test them when we can't verify their information, and the interview and tests can be pursued online. This reduces the risk of recruiting staff who fails to meet expectations.

Why does it take 3-4 months to bring them?

The process of bringing in Asian workers is a very complex one, and the bringing time of 3-4 months from the selection results from the legal, necessary and mandatory procedures, but it is often worth the wait. Recruitment must be done carefully and correctly to deliver the best quality, according to the job description and according to what we find in Asia. For this process we need between a week and a month, depending on the qualification and the financial offer of the employer. Then, the work permit takes between 1 and 2 months for the local authorities, and the work visa takes between 2 weeks and 2 months, depending on the country of origin of the Asian workers.

What are the salary expectations of an Asian worker?

The salaries of workers from Asia differ according to their qualifications and experience. In general, their expectations are between $ 500 - $ 700 / month, or more for those who are very well trained.

How will we get along with the Asian workers?

Asian workers are fluent in English and learn Romanian very quickly, especially if they are offered courses and are required to learn. We generally recruit workers with at least 2 years of international experience. Many have previously worked in Saudi Arabia and had to learn other languages. In the most unfortunate case, we provide assistance with the installation of mobile applications that allow simultaneous translation.