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Related personnel recruitment services Asia

In addition to recruiting Asian staff for various fields such as construction, agriculture, HoReCa, production, assistance and care, automotive and more,

International Work Finder Agency It also offers related services such as:

Accommodation and meals of Asian workers

Transportation from the accommodation to the place of work

Facilitating the integration of staff in Asia and adapting to our country

Offering Romanian language courses

Obtaining the necessary professional certificates

Legislative advice on non-EU immigration and labor law

Relocation of Asian workers outside Romania to the EU

In the recruitment process the following services are also included: preparation of immigration formalities, mediation, support for integration, legal advice

Preparation of immigration formalities

From the recruitment of Asians to the preparation of the necessary documentation for the legal employment of workers from Asia and immigration formalities, we are in charge. We are constantly up to date with the legislation in force and we maintain the relationship with the institutions of the Romanian state but also those of the state of residence. We obtain work permits, certificates for the equivalence of studies, ANOFM certificates, residence permits for work purposes and long-stay permits.

International Work Finder recruitment agency - Mediation


We assume the role of mediators between our partners and agencies in Asia, Romanian institutions but also those in the country of residence of future employees. We are up to date with everything new in the field, our people constantly follow specialized trainings to deliver the best services. We communicate effectively with all parties involved in the project to provide appropriate solutions to any type of situation, regardless of the number of Asian workers you want to hire. It's always easy with us: we get involved and get results.

International Work Finder recruitment agency - Support for integration

Integration support

We provide you with post-recruitment services, helping workers Filipino, Vietnamese, Indians, Sri Lankans and more, to attend, upon request, English language learning courses and interactive workshops where they can discover more about Romanian culture.

Legal advice

Situations vary from company to company, from person to person. We want the whole process to be simplified for clients, providing them with legislative advisory services on non-EU immigration and labor law or the relocation of Asian workers outside our country, but also within the EU.
Our advisors are up to date with the latest news in the field and are ready to help you.

Asian staff recruitment - International Work Finder

Why choose International Work Finder
- Asian Staff Recruitment Agency -

You save time and money

By delegating to us the recruitment and post-recruitment tasks you not only take a weight off your shoulders but also cut back the costs, knowing that you will get the right people without hassle and fast. Eliminate bureaucratic issues because we take care of everything (obtaining permits and work permits, communicating with agencies in the countries of residence).

Find the Asian workforce you need

Your business can't keep up and we understand that time must be optimized. With the right people you can continue your projects and develop your business successfully, outrunning your competition. We find the Asian workers you need, we have access to a complex database that allows us to find the right people. We get references about employees, filmed work samples, we interview and train them.

I conclude a lasting partnership

We are happy when people come back with new applications for the recruitment of Asian workers. It means that our goal has been achieved and that we have done our job well. We guarantee for replacement at no extra costof staff who do not meet to the requirements of the client and we bring our contribution to their integration as easily as possible in our country.

You have an openness to a generous market

When it comes to human resources, Asia is a real supplier, with many people eager to start a new life in another country. Through our recruitment agency, you have access to a new market, to a lot of people who can successfully join your team, helping you to further develop your business.

We answer to your questions

How do Asian workers adapt to Romanian culture?

We generally recruit workers who have at least 2 years of international experience, have worked in Saudi Arabia, are familiar with the international context (multiple nationalities, language, culture, other food). Moreover, in Asia, before arrival, workers are given adaptation training in Romania / industry where they will work and once in Romania, the Consul of Nepal, who is also our colleague, offers cultural integration courses to workers where all situations that may arise when working with Asian workers are addressed.

How will we get along with the Asian workers?

Asian workers are fluent in English and learn Romanian very quickly, especially if they are offered courses and are required to learn. We generally recruit workers with at least 2 years of international experience. Many have previously worked in Saudi Arabia and had to learn other languages. In the most unfortunate case, we provide assistance with the installation of mobile applications that allow simultaneous translation.

Why does it take so long?

The process of bringing in Asian workers is a very complex one, and the delivery time of 3-4 months from the selection results from the legal, necessary and mandatory procedures, but it is often worth the wait. Recruitment must be done carefully and correctly to deliver the best quality, according to the job description and according to what we find in Asia. For this process we need between a week and a month, depending on the qualification and the financial offer of the employer. Then, the work permit takes between 1 and 2 months to the local authorities, and the work visa takes between 2 weeks and 2 months, depending on the country of origin of the Asian workers.

I already have Asian workers

If you are satisfied with their performance, we can cooperate in the future in case you want additional staff. And we can talk about a discount.

What if they can't handle it?

We recruit only the candidates who have worked in related industries, we inform the candidates about the activity they will carry out in Romania, the program, and all the other necessary aspects. We test them when we can't verify their information, and the interview and tests can be done online. This reduces the risk of recruiting staff who do not meet expectations.