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Recruitment of Vietnamese workers

Qualified Vietnamese staff for HoReCa, Production, Construction or Agriculture

Vietnamese in Romania - Recruitment of Vietnamese workers

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Vietnamese staff for HoReCa

The Vietnamese are very trained in the field HoReCa. They have well-ranked schools in both the hotel and restaurant fields. Presentable, hardworking and eager to work, the Vietnamese manpower can make a difference on the Romanian labor market. An investment in personal recruitment that you will certainly not regret.

Vietnam Agriculture Workers

In agriculture, we recommend you staff from Vietnam. Ambitious and ready for physical work, the Vietnamese are suitable for outdoor activities, in various places and conditions. Whether you want Vietnamese workers for husbandry or agricultural work, we can recruit both skilled and unskilled staff for you.

Vietnamese Masons for Construction

Vietnamese jobseekers are also suitable for construction. Resilient and willing to work overtime to complete projects on time, the Vietnamese come to Romania with the goal of making money and sending it back to their families in Vietnam. We can recruit skilled workers for you (blacksmiths, carpenters, masons, potters, plumbers, electricians) or unskilled workers.

Vietnamese Workers for Manufacturing

The Vietnamese who have been working in Romania for several years have shown that they are a valuable human resource in manufacturing. A lot of jobs in the textile industry, the footwear industry and other categories of manufacturing industries can be covered by Vietnamese staff.

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Why recruit staff from Vietnam?

Because you can conclude a contract for at least 2 years from the beginning.
Vietnamese workers are disciplined and well-educated.
The country's historical context has led to discipline, respect and loyalty to authority and work.
They integrate easily, are friendly and smiling, pleasant as team members.
You enjoy increased productivity.
Excellent for HoReCa, Agriculture or work that requires tenacity in Production or Construction.
Recruitment of Asian construction personnel
Workers, dedicated and responsible
Recruitment of Asian staff in HoReCa
Trained, smiling and skilled
Recruitment of Asian personnel in agriculture
They have experience, they are productive and serious
Recruitment of Asian staff in production
Meticulous, hardworking, determined
Recruitment of Asian staff in cleaning
Attentive to detail, dedicated, loyal
Recruitment of Asian staff in FMCG
Responsible, trustworthy, hardworking
Recruitment of Asian staff in SPA
Relevant experience, seriousness, impeccable service
Recruitment of Asian staff in assistance
Empathetic, caring, attentive to the needs of the person being cared for
Recruitment of Asian staff in the automotive sector
Qualified, experienced, willing to extend the program
Recruitment of Asian staff in retraining
Resistant, loyal, responsible
Recruitment of Asian staff in a niche field
Punctual, serious, determined
Asian nanny recruitment
Reliable, pleasant, loyal people