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Personal recruitment from the Philippines

Do you need Filipinos who are qualified and experienced in: HoReCa, Assistance / Care, Bone, SPA, Construction or Textile Industry?

Filipinos in the Philippines - Recruitment of Filipino staff

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Filipinos for Assistance / Care

In the field of Assistance / Care, we recommend you Filipinos. Following the study conducted by our recruitment specialists, we concluded that Filipino employees are the most suitable, they have the necessary training, discipline and experience. Filipino babysitters they are well known and sought after in Romania due to the way they take care of children and the elderly. At the moment, there are many Filipinos looking for work, and our company is already on the list of the most sought-after recruitment agencies in the Philippines.

Filipino staff for HoReCa

In the field of HoReCa, there are many vacancies, and most Filipino workers already working in Romania have proven to be serious, they integrate quickly, proving loyalty, respect and responsibility. We can recruit Filipino chefs, assistant chefs, Filipino waiters, pastry chefs, bakers, bartenders, qualified and unqualified hotel staff.

Filipino SPA staff

We also recommend Filipino staff for beauty and leisure centers. The presence of employees from the Philippines in a SPA lounge it can only bring benefits. Their care for others, coupled with empathy and diligence, will help you reach your goals in no time. We can recruit for you masseuses, body remodelling therapists, beauty treatment therapists.

Filipino Construction Workers

In the field of construction, we have more and more requests for personal recruitment from the Philippines. A job in this field is well paid, and carpenters from the Philippines or Filipino blacksmiths are always desirable but also eager to come to Romania. The quality of their work in this sector is known to builders. We can recruit skilled workers (blacksmiths, carpenters, masons, tile makers, welders, plumbers, electricians) and unskilled workers for you.

Personal Recruitment Asia - Personal Recruitment Philippines SPA - International Work Finder

Filipino Workers for the Textile Industry

We also recommend Filipino staff for the textile industry. Filipinos are highly valued for being skilful, patient and dedicated. We can recruit textile seamstresses, experienced seamstresses, textile cleaning staff and unskilled workers for you.

Recruit staff from the Philippines now!

Why recruit staff from the Philippines?

You can conclude a 2-year contract with Filipino workers from the start.
Filipino workers are serious, they integrate quickly, they show loyalty, respect and responsibility.
Filipinos value respect and care for each other. That's exactly what they bring with them to our country.
The Filipino staff are meticulous and show attention to detail.
You enjoy increased productivity
They are excellent for SPA salons, HoReCa, Care / Assistance as they are attentive, delicate and well trained.
Recruitment of Asian construction personnel
Workers, dedicated and responsible
Recruitment of Asian staff in HoReCa
Trained, smiling and skilled
Recruitment of Asian personnel in agriculture
They have experience, they are productive and serious
Recruitment of Asian staff in production
Meticulous, hardworking, determined
Recruitment of Asian staff in cleaning
Attentive to detail, dedicated, loyal
Recruitment of Asian staff in FMCG
Responsible, trustworthy, hardworking
Recruitment of Asian staff in SPA
Relevant experience, seriousness, impeccable service
Recruitment of Asian staff in assistance
Empathetic, caring, attentive to the needs of the person being cared for
Recruitment of Asian staff in the automotive sector
Qualified, experienced, willing to extend the program
Recruitment of Asian staff in retraining
Resistant, loyal, responsible
Recruitment of Asian staff in a niche field
Punctual, serious, determined
Asian nanny recruitment
Reliable, pleasant, loyal people