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Recruitment of Nepalese Workers

Nepalese workers and their emergence in the Romanian labor force

Nepalese workers are among the most sought after and present Asian workers in Romania. You will easily meet Nepalese babysitters, Nepalese waiters, Nepalese production workers or unskilled workers. Here's what we've recruited and can recruit for your business:

Nepalese workers for HoReCa

In the field of HoReCa, there are many vacancies, and most Nepalese who already work in Romania have proven to be very serious and respectful. They already have a strong community in our country and are appreciated for the special way they interact with people. We provide staff recruitment from Nepal for the positions of: chefs, assistant cooks, waiters, pastry chefs, bakers, bartenders, qualified and unqualified hotel staff.

Nepalese Agriculture Workers

In the field of agriculture, we recommend Nepalese staff. 80% of Nepal's economy is based on Agriculture, which is characteristic of developing countries. Therefore, Nepalese human resources are accustomed to the conditions of working outdoors. The diligence they show helps farmers to complete their agricultural activities, regardless of whether they have mechanized support or not.

Request HoReCa or Agriculture employees from Nepal

Nepalese Workers for Production / Recycling

Regarding Production or Recycling, we also recommend Nepali employees. The textile industry, the footwear industry and other categories of manufacturing industries are areas where Nepalis have proven their effectiveness. The meticulousness and responsibility of the Nepalese manpower makes it perform just as well as repetitive, routine tasks that require attention and care.

Nepal Manpower for Construction

Nepalese looking for a job are also suitable for construction. Team spirit, endurance and meticulousness are some of the qualities that recommend them for this sector. Construction workers from Nepal have expressed a desire to come to Romania because the climate and food are similar to those in Nepal, and working conditions are satisfactory. We can recruit skilled workers (blacksmiths, carpenters, masons, potters, plumbers, electricians) or unskilled Nepalese employees for you.

Why recruit staff from Nepal?

Nepalese employees come for an employment contract of at least 2 years.
Nepalese employees come for an employment contract of at least 2 years.
Nepalese employees come for an employment contract of at least 2 years.
Nepalese employees come for an employment contract of at least 2 years.
Nepalese employees come for an employment contract of at least 2 years.
Nepalese employees come for an employment contract of at least 2 years.

We are recruiting Nepali workers in the following fields

Recruitment of Asian construction personnel
Workers, dedicated and responsible
Recruitment of Asian staff in HoReCa
Trained, smiling and skilled
Recruitment of Asian personnel in agriculture
They have experience, they are productive and serious
Recruitment of Asian staff in production
Meticulous, hardworking, determined
Recruitment of Asian staff in cleaning
Attentive to detail, dedicated, loyal
Recruitment of Asian staff in FMCG
Responsible, trustworthy, hardworking
Recruitment of Asian staff in SPA
Relevant experience, seriousness, impeccable service
Recruitment of Asian staff in assistance
Empathetic, caring, attentive to the needs of the person being cared for
Recruitment of Asian staff in the automotive sector
Qualified, experienced, willing to extend the program
Recruitment of Asian staff in retraining
Resistant, loyal, responsible
Recruitment of Asian staff in a niche field
Punctual, serious, determined
Asian nanny recruitment
Reliable, pleasant, loyal people
Frequently asked questions
Which are the best areas for Nepali workers?

We brought for business in Romania: Nepalese babysitters, Nepalese housekeepers, Nepalese waiters, pastry chefs and cooks, construction or agriculture workers, production or recycling from Nepal. And they're doing great.

What makes Nepali workers stand out?

They are among the most stable and dedicated Asian workers. Maybe they don't have the work speed we would like at first, but they adapt easily, learn quickly and meet expectations after a very short time.

What guarantees do I have from International Work Finder?

The Honorary Consul of Nepal is our Public Affairs Consultant and our colleague. This places us in a privileged position both towards the partners and the authorities in Nepal but also towards the authorities in Romania. That is why we are confident that we are recruiting and bringing in quality workers from Nepal. And, if an accident still happens, we will replace it for free in the first 3 months of our stay in Romania.

How do Nepali workers handle English or Romanian?

We only recruit Nepalese who know English well enough. But, as soon as they arrive in the country, it only takes a few months until they understand all the commands in Romanian quite well, and I even speak some Romanian.