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Background - International Work Finder
International Work Finder Team

Asian workers for your company

International Work Finder - an Asian staffing agency - is aware of the great need for staff or staff turnover for Romanian businesses. That's why our recruitment agency meets the needs of your business: we recruit Asian workers - skilled and unskilled staff, in order to add value in areas such as Construction, Agriculture, FMCG, Housekeeping, manufacturingHoReCa and more.

With over 5000 Asian workers placed in almost 400 Romanian companies, from almost all industries, the Asia International Work Finder staffing agency handles the entire process of recruiting Asian staff, meaning: identifying the human resource needs of companies, filtering candidates , their selection together with the employer, the preparation of the necessary documents, until the workers are brought to the point of work, but also unlimited consulting for the whole process of integration and entry into production.

Why Asian workers?


The contract and the conditions of stay recommend a collaboration of at least XNUMX years for the Asian manpower, which means stability. Prior to selection, workers are checked and tested for stability and work experience.

Workers and loyalists

The Asian workers recruited by our agency are motivated to work both because they have a special respect for work, as part of the culture of their country of origin, and because they want to support their families back home and are open to overtime. .

Efficiency and Predictability

Lower costs for employers, both in terms of solving the problem of staff turnover and implicitly greater predictability in terms of business strategy, and especially in terms of cost efficiency, working with Asian staff often costs less and offers a high return.

Do you want to know how we recruit for you Asian workers?

1. You sign the service contract with our agency
2. Together we create the profile of the desired employee
3. We select the CVs that correspond to the client's requirements
4. We obtain the work permit in Romania
5. We get a work visa
6. We take care of the arrival of Asian employees in Romania
7. We obtain a temporary residence permit in Romania for Asian workers
8. We offer support for the integration of Asian workers in Romanian culture through specific workshops

Why choose International Work Finder
- Asia Workers Recruitment Agency -

Asian workers hired to replace Romania's labor shortage
companies satisfied with our Asian manpower recruitment services
industries for which we provide Asian workers
countries from which we actively recruit, including: Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka, etc.
years of experience in recruitment and placement in Asia
Experience and portfolio

Our Asian Staff Recruitment Agency has successfully implemented hundreds of projects and brought in over 5.000 Asian workers. The process of recruiting from outside the EU is complex and costly in terms of time, energy and money, if you do it yourself. We have opened our own recruitment companies or we have developed trusting relationships with other local, Asian personal recruitment agencies. We have perfected our way of working, we are fast and we have mastered the bureaucratic procedures.

Dedicated consultant

We have a team of over 30 employees, with sales people for all areas of Romania. That is why it allows us to provide you with a dedicated consultant who will take care of all the recruitment formalities and you will know where you are in the process of recruiting Asian workers, what is the next step and how long you will have them.

Objective selection

We only select the Asian manpower you need. You make the selection of Asian workers yourself, based on real-time or recorded work samples. And for a larger number of Asian workers, we invite you to join us in the country where we will be recruiting, so that you can select based on face-to-face meetings.

All inclusive services

Our services are complete and on request. Depending on the request, we provide support through connected services: transport, accommodation for Asian workers, legislative advice, mediation, cultural integration or Romanian language learning services. Or if you prefer that the responsibility for employment contracts and everything that comes from it be on our shoulders entirely, we offer Asian workers in leasing system.

Free replacement of Asian workers

We offer a guarantee for Asian staff: understanding that bringing in and integrating workers from different countries and cultures is not necessarily easy, if the candidates fail to meet the company's requirements and it is our fault, we will replace them free of charge.

Clients who recruited Asian workforce using International Work Finder

Here are the areas of recruitment of Asian workers

Asia staff recruitment for construction
Workers, dedicated and responsible
Asia staff recruitment for HoReCa
Trained, smiling and skilled
Asia staff recruitment in agriculture
They have experience, they are productive and serious
Asia staff recruitment in production
Meticulous, hardworking, determined
Asia staff recruitment in cleaning
Attentive to detail, dedicated, loyal
Asia staff recruitment in FMCG
Responsible, trustworthy, hardworking
Recruitment of Asian staff in SPA
Relevant experience, seriousness, impeccable service
Recruitment of Asian staff in assistance
Empathetic, caring, attentive to the needs of the person being cared for
Recruitment of Asian staff in the automotive sector
Qualified, experienced, willing to extend the program
Recruitment Asia in Recycling
Resistant, loyal, responsible
Recruitment of Asian staff in a niche field
Punctual, serious, determined
Asian nanny recruitment
Reliable, pleasant, loyal people

We bring in Asian workers from:

Personnel recruitment Asia - Philippines
Serious, loyal and responsible
Personnel recruitment Asia - Nepal
Stable, cooperating and hardworking
Asia staff recruitment - India
Adaptable, hardworking, dedicated
Personnel recruitment Asia - Sri Lanka
Meticulous, attentive to detail, learns quickly.
Asia staff recruitment - Vietnam
Friends, smiles and respect for work

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Frequently Asked Questions About Recruiting Asian Workers

Why is it more advantageous through an Asian staffing agency?

As mentioned above, there are many more benefits to a recruiting firm:

1. The process of selection, recruitment and bringing in of staff from Asia is complex, laborious and risky. We assume all this: process, risks and guarantees if necessary.
2. To make sure you get exactly what you need, you need an Asian personal recruitment agency. We have reliable partnerships with local recruitment agencies or even our own agencies. We recruit what you want and bring exactly what you have selected.
3. The effort, energy, time and nerves in the queues is huge. We already have experience, we master the process, we are fast and efficient. The costs will be much lower with us, and not just in money.
4. We have already built our credibility with employers, local authorities or the countries we recruit from. It's much faster and easier for us.
5. We allow ourselves to offer dedicated consultants. We are a large team with coverage on national level. You will have access to your own consultant and you will know exactly where you stand in this process.
6. We provide warranty. In the event of errors on our part, we will replace the Asian manpower free of charge.
7. We provide live or recorded interviews for at least 2 candidates for the same position. So you choose whomever you prefer.
8. For several candidates we organize visits to the countries we recruit from so you can select on the spot.

What are the legal issues that an employer must consider?

1. The minimum wage may not be lower than the minimum national wage in Romania or, as the case may be, than the wage set by the binding collective agreements in your sector of activity.
2. The maximum working time and the minimum rest periods established by the Romanian law depending on the field of activity must be observed.
3. Health and safety at work are your responsibility, as in the case of an employee of Romanian nationality.
4. The employment conditions for young people and pregnant women also fall under Romanian law and must be observed strictly.
5. Discrimination is becoming an increasingly acute problem in today's society and is being punished by the Romanian authorities. We advise you to consider equal treatment between women and men and other rules on the prevention of discrimination, especially since your employee is not a Romanian citizen.

How is the payment for the recruitment service made?

The payment of the recruitment process is made in 4 instalments:

Tranche 1 - at the time of signing the contract, when the recruitment process begins
Tranche 2 - at the time of obtaining work permits in Romania
Tranche 3 - when the travel visas are issued
The last installment - when we bring the workers to you.

Are costs subject to negotiation?

The costs required to obtain the documents are fixed, set by the authorities and cannot be negotiated. The costs covered by our services, however, can be negotiated depending on the number of Asian workers requested, qualification or country of origin.

What is my role as an employer in this whole process of recruiting Asian workers?

Even if the bureaucratic part falls on our shoulders for the most part, we will need a little help from you as an employer:

1. We are recruiting but you have the last word on the selection side, either based on a recorded interview or a live interview with potential workers.
2. We need assistance with employment contracts and power of attorney for filing work permits and obtaining visas and residence permits.
3. And last but not least, we will be able to collaborate, at your request and depending on the number of Asian workers requested, on the logistics (accommodation and meals) as well as the process of induction and adaptation to culture.

How long does the entire recruitment process take?

The process of bringing in Asian workers is a very complex one, and the delivery time of 3-4 months from the selection results from the legal, necessary and mandatory procedures, but it is often worth the wait. Recruitment must be done carefully and correctly to deliver the best quality, according to the job description and according to what we find in Asia. For this process we need between a week and a month, depending on the qualification and the financial offer of the employer. Then, the work permit takes between 1 and 2 months to the local authorities, and the work visa takes between 2 weeks and 2 months, depending on the country of origin of the Asian workers.

Do you provide workers in leasing system?

Yes, if it is more advantageous to transfer all responsibility for employment contracts to us, we offer the possibility of staff leasing.

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